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The PureCrop1 Formula

An unparalleled all-in-one plant-based formula

PureCrop1 Tote

Commercial Agriculture

Commercial sizes available with our commercial agriculture distributors.

PureCrop1 Ready-To-Use Kit

Ready-To-Use Kit

Our new ready-to-use kit is the perfect way to introduce PureCrop1 to the gardeners and growers in your life. Don't worry about measuring out dilution rates, all you have to do is fill the spray bottle with water, add one cap-full of PureCrop1, shake, and spray!

The kit comes with a heavy-duty two-way spray nozzle, a specially labeled PureCrop1 recyclable bottle, and 2oz. of PureCrop1 concentrate. Share your love of quality and sustainability, or grab one for yourself to keep indoors for your houseplants and as a veggie wash.