Hemp Studies

PureCrop1 can be used from seedling to harvest day and test 100% clean parts per billion

Powdery Mildew | May 2020

Evaluations were conducted to test the performance of PureCrop1 for controlling powdery mildew infections on rose. Laboratory bioassays were used to evaluate the ability of PureCrop1 to eradicate existing powdery mildew infections and evaluate any residual action of PureCrop1 against reoccurring infections at two concentrations. PureCrop1 was found to perform as well, or better than a standard fungicide used for mildew control in commercial roses.

"...the results of the trial clearly demonstrated that PureCrop1 could be used as an effective fungicide for Sphaerotheca pannosa control on roses and can perform as well or better than a leading commercial fungicide."​

Brook C. Murphy, Ph.D.

Terpenes Study | September 2020

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