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Recent results show PureCrop1 raising nectarines' brix levels from 11% to 13% and calcium levels by 55%.


Peach Tissue Results with Analysis

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Recent analysis shows PureCrop1 increased peach tissue calcium levels by 64% and nitrogen levels by 24%.

The test plot received PureCrop1 treatments from bloom through harvest, while the control plot remained the farmer's standard. Dilution rates varied throughout the season, depending on pressures and what was mixed in the tank with PureCrop1.

Nectarine Trial Tissue Results with Analysis

Test Date: June 24th, 2020

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The following results were acquired from a 2020 study conducted using tissue samples from a central California farmer nectarines to determine the effect of PureCrop1. The test plot received a total of seven applications of PureCrop1 applied at 1% – 1.75% dilution, while the control plot remained the farmer’s standard. The study concluded that the application of PureCrop1 resulted in a 10.8% average increase in essential nutrients for plant growth, including a 19.9% increase in Zinc ppm and a 67.8% increase in manganese ppm.

Results show PureCrop1 raised the brix levels from 11% to 13% as well as the calcium levels by 55%.

Nectarine Study
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