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Recent results show PureCrop1 raising nectarines' brix levels from 11% to 13% and calcium levels by 55%.


Nectarine Trial Tissue Results with Analysis

Test Date: June 24th, 2020

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The following results were acquired from a 2020 study conducted using tissue samples from a central California farmer nectarines to determine the effect of PureCrop1. The test plot received a total of seven applications of PureCrop1 applied at 1% – 1.75% dilution, while the control plot remained the farmer’s standard. The study concluded that the application of PureCrop1 resulted in a 10.8% average increase in essential nutrients for plant growth, including a 19.9% increase in Zinc ppm and a 67.8% increase in manganese ppm.

Results show PureCrop1 raised the brix levels from 11% to 13% as well as the calcium levels by 55%.

Nectarine Study
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