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Walnut Trial | October 2020

TRIAL_FALL2020_Walnut Trial Screenshot

NOTE: The Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers trial has been disclosed and is no longer considered "confidential" (as noted by watermark). 

After four applications during mid-season, the PureCrop1-treated walnuts performed significantly better compared to the control counterpart. The results show a drastic difference in edible weight, defect weight, and total kernel weight of the walnuts.

PureCrop1-treated walnuts increased 12.7% in edible weight from 454 grams to 511 grams while decreasing the number of defective walnuts by 80.7% compared to the control. The PureCrop1 treated #walnuts also show a 10.7% increase in total kernel weight.

Control Tray

Control Tray-2-1

PureCrop1-Treated Tray

PC1 tray-2-1
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