Trial: Bing Cherries

Test Date: May 2020
Location: Washington

The following results were acquired from a 2020 study conducted using tissue samples from Bing cherries in Washington to determine the effect of PureCrop1.

Treatment Rates & Methods

The test plot received a total of 4 applications of PureCrop1 applied by foliar spray at a rate of 1 gallon per acre, while the control plot remained the farmer’s standard.

Bing Cherry Data

Study Conclusions

The study concluded that the application of PureCrop1 resulted in a 21.9% average increase in essential nutrients for plant growth, including a 105% increase in zinc ppm, a 32.3% increase in manganese ppm, and a 33.3% increase in iron ppm.

Trial: Cherry Calcium 

Test Date: May 2020
Location: Turlock, California

High calcium levels in cherries are essential, not only for the consumer but also for the farmer. For farmers, higher levels of calcium help prevent crop loss, improve fruit quality, and extend post-harvest shelf life by reducing pitting, splitting, and decay while increasing firmness. Calcium also allows cherries to maintain their flavor once transported to grocery stores and in the hands of the consumer. It is also vital for strong teeth and bones!

Treatment Rates & Methods

Laboratory analysis.

Study Conclusions

In this trial, PureCrop1 increased calcium levels by 85.7% in coral cherries. By increasing calcium levels — not just in cherries but also in all food crops — PureCrop1 preserves flavor while preventing damage caused by everyday stressors. 

Cherry Calcium Analysis

Cherry Trial Sheet

Cherry Report 1
Cherry Report 2

Suggested Dilution Rates

PureCrop1 is not a "one-and-done" type of spray typical to conventional chemical treatments. Much of PureCrop1's chemistry occurs on the microscopic level, making it difficult to observe in real-time. However, you should see a noticeable difference in your plant with consistent coverage after your first few sprays.

Conventional Agriculture

In the conventional agriculture space, we suggest using a 0.75% dilution rate of PureCrop every 7-12 days as a preventative. If you are experiencing an infestation, increase the dilution rate to 1.5% and also increase frequency.

Hydroponics & Greenhouse

For hydroponics, greenhouse, and garden growers, we suggest a 1-oz dilution rate every 7-10 days as a preventative. Increase the dilution rate to 2-oz of PureCrop1 per gallon of filtered water, spraying every 2-3 days until the infestation is gone.

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