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Sara BrownsonLast Local Farms LLC
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Your product saved my seedlings from a cyclamen mite infestation. I truly owe you all a serious THANK YOU.

2 weeks after germination I noticed pale leaves, stunted growth and then the real kicker …deformed foliage... it’s not my first go-round with mites so I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. 30 Grand in seed that I was going to lose. This was the first time in 17 years of seed starting and growing that I had experienced an infestation on seedlings. So little tissue to work with. I was devastated. However, giving up isn’t in my DNA.

We contacted a former employee who happened to be employed by a local grow shop and he told us about your product. I was completely skeptical. I owned a garden store for a decade. I have seen an unbelievable number of companies promising “magic in a bottle” and never has one performed. This product of yours however is a miracle in a freaking bottle. I’d love to get a price on a 275 gl ICB tote. I’d also love to tell y’all more about my experience and send you pics of the incredible turn around my girls made… thank you again.
Anonymousvia email
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It was so nice meeting you and team on Friday at Emerald Cup!! I have been waiting for the chance to tell you all in person how much i LOVE PureCrop1 and how it has helped our cultivation farm. We are a licensed family owned and operated cannabis cultivator. We have two cultivations sites and PureCrop1 has not only helped the overall health of our plants, it has also helped keep us spider mite and mold free!! One of our sites is located adjacent to Van Duzen River, which we have never had a year without some kind of mold, UNTIL we started using PureCrop1 last year. It gives us great joy to not only produce quality cannabis but also have a natural and free of toxic pesticides! We have seen higher yields (8 harvests/ 4per cultivation site a yr) better overall health of the plant and have passed all sate residual testing every time.!!
AnonymousMedical Grower
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I want to remain anonymous- i am a legal medical grower and someone at the local grow shop (OKC Organics) handed me a two Oz sample bottle of your product in a goodie bag....little did they know I had a full blown aphid infestation in my tent, and was about two days out from receiving a bottle of “Green Cleaner” from Amazon. When I saw your product in my bag at home I thought “what the hell, let’s try this while waiting on Green Cleaner”. Well, after one 2oz/gallon mixture spray, i have NO APHIDS anywhere! I couldn’t believe it, and I’m applying the second application tomorrow. I cancelled the Green Cleaner order, no joke...your product is really incredible and just saved several exotic, rare strains. I’m totally convinced, and by the way even though my plants were already getting wilted yellow leaves from aphids, I swear they look better now than before, very happy!