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Sara Brownson Last Local Farms LLC
Your product saved my seedlings from a cyclamen mite infestation. I truly owe you all a serious THANK YOU.

2 weeks after germination I noticed pale leaves, stunted growth and then the real kicker …deformed foliage... it’s not my first go-round with mites so I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. 30 Grand in seed that I was going to lose. This was the first time in 17 years of seed starting and growing that I had experienced an infestation on seedlings. So little tissue to work with. I was devastated. However, giving up isn’t in my DNA.

We contacted a former employee who happened to be employed by a local grow shop and he told us about your product. I was completely skeptical. I owned a garden store for a decade. I have seen an unbelievable number of companies promising “magic in a bottle” and never has one performed. This product of yours however is a miracle in a freaking bottle. I’d also love to tell y’all more about my experience and send you pics of the incredible turn around my girls made… thank you again.
Matt Trostad arborist and horticulturalist in San Diego California
Product exceeds my expectations. I've been using it on everything from aphids to caterpillars. Aphids and other soft-bodied insects it crushes. Caterpillars it definitely works on but I learned that you need to do two applications in the same day to kill bigger caterpillars.

I also tested it on some spiders around the house and it absolutely annihilated them in one shot. This was using the rate of one ounce per gallon for everything listed above.

Also just for your information I had the opportunity to test it using it in the middle of a hot day and broad sunlight on a fruit tree for aphids and mites with no adverse reaction from the sun. this is truly a game-changing product and the world of horticulture and arboriculture.

I have worked with many enzymes and horticultural oils and nothing compares to this.
Chris @cinexsynapsis Grower in Springfield, OR
I didn't see a lick of PM on my outdoor this year and the PureCrop1 helped the rain rinse all the ash off after the wildfires.
Anonymous via email
It was so nice meeting you and team on Friday!! I have been waiting for the chance to tell you all in person how much i LOVE PureCrop1 and how it has helped our farm. We are family owned and operated. We have two cultivations sites and PureCrop1 has not only helped the overall health of our plants, it has also helped keep us spider mite and mold free!! One of our sites is located adjacent to Van Duzen River, which we have never had a year without some kind of mold, UNTIL we started using PureCrop1 last year. It gives us great joy to not only produce quality but also [be] natural and free of toxic pesticides! We have seen higher yields (8 harvests/ 4per cultivation site a yr) better overall health of the plant and have passed all sate residual testing every time.!!
Legacy Fields Inc.
We have been working hard this year on many infrastructure projects on our site. During this time we had a huge problem with Russet Mites in our nursery. Thanks to Purecrop1 we will be able to plant out plantation later this month. A little late but we will push through. Plants are looking good and have recovered nicely.
Colin Murphey
Use PureCrop1 on everything I grow. Used for the first time on a 30 [year-old] Persimmon Tree that has produced marginally at best. This crop will produce 20 to 30 times more fruit than it ever has. I’m a big believer.
@ke_ano_kokua Hawaiian Grower
The only thing that comes between my flowers and I is PureCrop1.
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